Masterclass - How to become an insight-led business

18 april, The Park, Stockholm

Defining, creating and activating consumer insights

Consumer Centricity and Insight-led are major themes driving discussion in our industry. Yet many organizations struggle in taking concrete steps, especially when it comes to influencing and inspiring stakeholders or disciplines outside of marketing. Often organizations also lack common practices or definitions to really discover, build, write and ultimately activate great insights.

Is it worth it? Well, according to Kantar Vermeer’s INSIGHTS 20:20 report, 51% of business over-performers (revenue growth) indicate that insights and analytics are leading their business. This is four times greater than the score of underperforming businesses.

This one-day Masterclass will combine face-to-face training plus interactive digital learning and give you exclusive access to four Consumer Centricity & Insightingcontent modules.

  • CONSUMER CENTRICITY: why relevance is king and how insights fuel successful businesses.
  • WHAT IS AN INSIGHT: What is it not? What is the recipe for a great insight?
  • HOW TO GET TO INSIGHTS: So you now know what an insight is and why they are so valuable. But how do we find them and actually write them? This module will look at techniques to find those great insights that are relevant, fresh and exciting for consumers, helping you gain competitive business advantage.
  • USING INSIGHTS: Great insights not being leveraged properly is one of the pain points of our industry. How to turn insights into action, creating real business impact?

The content modules combine theory, quizzes and practical workshop exercises, we will also brainstorm together on the challenges you and other attendees face in your organization in becoming truly consumer centric and insight led.

Seats for this session are limited to ensure the best experience for all attendees and enough room for 1-on-1 as well as group discussions, so book your spot today.

Who should join?

The session is particularly interesting for CMI, Marketing & Innovation disciplines of any level. We also welcome professionals with a general interest in consumer centricity.

Why you should join?

  • Get exclusive access to a theoretical and practical approach to become an insight-led business, offering concrete & actionable tools and techniques.
  • Gain knowledge, inspiration cases and examples you can easily share within your own organization.
  • Learn from & network with like-minded individuals in an open workshop environment.


Tom De Ruyck, Head of Insight Activation, InSites Consulting

Tom is a Managing Partner at InSites Consulting (one of the world's most innovative marketing consultancy and consumer research firms) where he is responsible for innovation and advising global brands (IKEA, Heineken,...). He is also a Professor at different business schools in Europe and on the board of several (industry) organisations.

He is co-author of 'The Consumer Consulting Board'‚Äč and published over 70 white papers, articles in academic journals, business books and trade magazines. Besides that, he is an influential blogger and tweeter (@tomderuyck). Tom was awarded for his work many times, amongst others by the American Marketing Association, ESOMAR and the CMO Council USA and Asia.

Datum, tid och plats

Datum: 18 April
Tid: 09:00 - 17:30. Frukost från kl 08:30
Plats: The Park, Hälsingegatan 49, Stockholm
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